In Memoriam

This cottage has been established in memory of Robin Rathbun Carrington, a charismatic visionary, a true friend and a constant inspiration. She once wrote:

“I want to live to be a strong, wise, calm, mountain-climbing old lady; to guide my girls into young womanhood, and then admire them with pride for all they have become. I want to take so many adventures with Charlie that our memories blur it all together into one fantastic kaleidoscope of life. I want to do good and useful work that in some small way eases the paths of many. I want to be known for being kind and energetic and dynamic. I want to slow it all down, living life the way you’d lick a spoonful of honey.”

Robin’s dream was to live life to its fullest in every moment. This cottage has been established to help writers and artists find peace of mind, pleasure, and time to create meaningful work.